Democracy and Governance

PILPG provides pro bono policy analysis and legal assistance to states and non-state organizations on matters aimed at strengthening the rule of law and promoting effective governance.  PILPG has advised numerous clients on a wide range of issues, including issues relating to formation of effective and accountable governance mechanisms, enactment of fair and legitimate laws, enhanced civil society involvement in public policy making, protection of human and minority rights, security, and environmental protection and shared natural resources.


Featured Projects


PILPG worked with civil society organizations and the Government of Kenya to strengthen accountability for election-related and politically-motivated human rights abuses.  PILPG provided technical support to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights regarding hearing mechanisms to address human rights violations.  Working with local partners, PILPG created an alternative justice system program to address crimes committed during post-election violence.  PILPG also worked to develop alternative justice system approaches to countering violent extremism.  PILPG established a program office in Nairobi to facilitate its work in Kenya.

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Working in partnership with the Kosovo Legal Aid Commission, non-governmental organizations, and advocacy groups, PILPG provided legal assistance to Kosovar citizens in the areas of criminal procedure, and utilization of grievance and oversight mechanisms.  PILPG assisted citizens in identifying needed improvements in the justice sector, and supported them in actively pursuing a responsive reform agenda.  PILPG also served as legal and political counsel to the government of Kosovo during the negotiation of the Rambouillet Accords and advised the Kosovo delegation in preparation for its final status negotiations.  Together with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, PILPG trained Kosovo government leaders on negotiation strategies and drafting techniques.  PILPG provided counsel to Kosovo on declaring independence and seeking recognition outside of the United Nations.  PILPG established a Prishtina program office to support its work in Kosovo.



PILPG provided technical support to civil society and independent media organizations on priority areas for legal advocacy and reform. Technical support was provided through workshops and training, written legal advice and information, and on-site mentoring. Project partners worked on a broad range of issues, including human rights, land law, disability rights, environmental conservation and women's rights.  PILPG established a program office in Rangoon to facilitate its work in Burma.


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