War Crimes Prosecution & Transitional Justice

PILPG provides pro bono legal assistance to war crimes tribunals as well as technical assistance to states and civil society organizations on matters related to transitional justice.  PILPG's transitional justice work includes diverse projects involving legal and policy advising, documentation, reporting, and stakeholder engagement.


Featured Projects


For over a decade, PILPG provided pro bono legal assistance to the office of the Prosecutor for the Yugoslavia Tribunal on a vast array of issues, including individual criminal responsibility, criminal participation, and crimes against humanity. PILPG provided similar assistance to the Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Cambodia and Lebanon Tribunals.     

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Iraq Documentation

PILPG's Iraq Documentation Project aimed to advance the human rights of conflict-affected Iraqis through documentation of human rights abuses, service referrals, and advocacy for services and accountability. Documenters collected hundreds of testimonies from conflict-affected Iraqis in an unbiased and security-conscious manner. Based on information in the documentation collected, the project supported advocacy campaigns to promote accountability for victims and to raise awareness, encourage reform, and increase access to services.


Sri Lanka Transitional Justice

PILPG has worked with civil society organizations throughout Sri Lanka to strengthen their engagement with local and national-level transitional justice processes through documentation, reporting, government engagement, advocacy, and community-building.


To see more on PILPG's war crimes prosecution, documentation, and transitional justice projects, visit our Clients page.